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Jul 12, 2012 6:00am PDT
flooding concerns in and around texas. even monsoonal rains over towards southern california, over towards arizona as well. and also looking off towards the north, a front moving across the dakotas. this is bringing the threat of some severe weather. not getting in the rain and where you need it is in the central plains. already widespread crop loss, specifically to corn crop in this area due to just the severe drought that is continuing to linger. and unfortunately it does look like no rain is in the forecast in the near future. denver, though, a high of 34. las vegas, getting near record-breaking temperatures there with a high of 42. salt lake city, making it up to 40. now in europe, though, across the british isles, you're seeing heavy rainfall. especially in the southern portions of uk. any flights going in and out of london, check it out ahead of time. heavy rain, even thunderstorm activity flaring up here due to this frontal area. this is dropping down the temperatures as it continues to push off towards the east. london, well below average with a high only at 17. a little bi
Jul 10, 2012 6:00am PDT
continue to affect new mexico and texas. you see the areas in blue, this is extremely dry. very prone to fire weather at this time. unfortunately, these areas won't bring rain fall. as the rain fall here, it is evaporating in the atmosphere. unfortunately thunderstorm activity could accompany it. lightning triggering further wildfires across much of this region. still very hot in the southwest, 46 for a high in phoenix. london 30. towards the east, atlanta remaining hot and muggy for your high on tuesday. >>> now in europe, high pressure still dominating the iberian peninsula, making things sunny and fair. we have a low spin over the british isles. this will continue to track off towards the east. we also have low pressure areas in central and eastern europe. all of these are running along the jet stream here separating that cool and wet air mass off towards the north, hot and sunny towards the south and across the balkans high 30s and low 40s. but a cool down is in place with the air mass north of the jet stream. paris, you are seeing a high of 20 on your wednesday but expectin
Jul 9, 2012 6:00am PDT
mexico, texas and oklahoma. risk of flash flooding is also persisting there. but heat is still remaining here in towards arizona. actually phoenix, you could be seeing a high into the mid-40s. extensive heat warnings. look at the northeast. last week seeing highs into the 40s across portions of chicago, even towards new york. now at 30 and 31 on your monday. now in europe, the iberian peninsula, high pressure is dominating most of the region here bringing hot weather. but fair weather. north of that, though, a low pressure area is spinning, keeping it cool. heavy rain showers toward the scandinavian peninsula. central europe, you could be seeing rain showers due to an upper level disturbance that's continuing to push through this region. but temperatures as well across most of the mediterranean, hot, hot here. rome with a high of 30. athens, take a look at that. 39 on your tuesday. out there toward the west, london only a high of 19 with that low keeping it rather cool for you. now here's a look at your extended outlook. >>> once again our lead story -- foreign ministers of ase
Jul 25, 2012 6:00am PDT
towards kansas, oklahoma and down towards texas, as well. also seeing severe weather raesz the great lakes. storms knocking out thousands of power here as the storms blew up on your wednesday it does look like this is going to be on tap yet again. really what is fuelling this is the cold and warm air masses colliding here really creating a war zone in here. you can see where the cold front was and the warm front and south of that it is hot. ouichita with a high of 41. cool in winnipeg. 22 for your high on wednesday. towards europe also seeing rough weather across italy towards the balkans. all due to this lingering area of low pressure still bringing the rough weather here for you. on the other hand towards the southern portions of the u.k. getting ready for the olympics it isry maining rather dry here on your wednesday and thursday. look towards the side of your screen, possibility of rainfall coming in on your friday. at least on thursday those sungy skies and temperatures still remaining hot on friday. into the evening hours there is a chance you might see some rain showers. going
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4